Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No bake Berry Cheese cake

Relationships hold a special place in our life and I feel that's what is making our life complete.First comes Mom and Dad followed by siblings . Slowly relatives and friends . Then comes the Life partner followed by kids. With minor additions and subtractions life goes on like this. Even after so many additions Mom and Dad will always hold special place in our heart. Beyond all these is the bonding between a daughter and father. I guess I'm not alone here as many of you might cherish one such with your dad.

As Father's Day is fast approaching , thought of  making a dessert for my dad. I know I can't feed him.Though we stay thousands of mile apart , I strongly believe he is there with me every step of my way.

I still remember the days he used to take us to show the trains when we were toddlers,then slowly he taught us about sports and introduced tennis and cricket.watching Wimbledon and French Open Tennis around 2 a.m in the morning.Everything is still fresh in my mind.

I guess  I was a teenager  that's when I heard my mom commenting "you resemble your dad in every single bit". Slowly , I realized that mom was right. My Dad was a very simple person. Even I'm like that. I don't like heavy costumes and make up . I prefer simple and light weight kind of stuffs.I don't do things at hurry.I slowly and steadily understand a problem and figure out the solution like him. From skin color to structure , from thinking to way of approach , his strong influence is there in me. I'm pretty sure,if my brother and sister reads this post they will nod their heads.

He had been a busy person until his retirement. We're wondering how he would adjust himself for this phase.But that's when I could really see the other side of him. Though he got many opportunities, he was very firm that he would not want to take up them as it might help a youngster.To our surprise  he used to walk and go to the nearby post office or bank and help the rural people write letters and other forms.While coming back, he would visit library and then with a bunch of fresh vegetables from the local market. This really helped him identify the poor and needy people , to whom he would volunteer himself to support financially and morally for their cataract and other eye health related activities. 'Make use of  the time and try to give and not to get' is the best lesson I got from him.This is what made me donate my hair every year for the cancer society.My mom is not happy to see me with a short hair but I'm happy to see the smiles and confidence on cancer survivors.

That was a long story right ? Now time for some sweet .This one is pretty simple and you can make this in a jiffy.


For the crust 

Oatmeal cookies .......................... 6
Butter .......................................... 1 tbsp, melted
Nutmeg ...................................... a pinch

 For the cheesecake

Mixed berries .......................... 1 cup ( I've used Rasberries and strawberries)
Cream cheese .........................4 tbsp , room temperature
Heavy cream ........................... 1/4 cup
Zest of an orange
sugar ................................... 1/4 cup (as the berries were very sweet )
salt ........................................ a pinch


  • Crush the cookies in a food processor to resemble breadcrumbs.
  • Add butter and nutmeg and give it a blitz.
  • Layer them in a serving dish and keep refrigerated.
  • Cook berries with sugar , salt and 2 tbsp water.
  • Once the berries turn soft , cool them and puree them.
  • With a hand blender , blend together cream cheese , orange zest and berry mixture.
  • Whip up the heavy cream until stiff peak forms.
  • Now gently fold the cream into the cheesecake berry mixture.
  • Pipe them over the cookies layer, chill and serve.


This blog post is part of the monthly “Cooking With Friends” themed blog post challenge. This challenge was started by a bunch of virtual friends united by their love of food, with the aim of tackling a different food related theme each month.
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