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I had never been comfortable to write this "About Me". This is the third time I'm trying it out.


   I'm Sujatha Arun , the author, recipe developer and photographer behind this blog.

I was a tough child for my mom when it comes to food.By all means Mom tried her best to bring in some sort of interest in eating or appreciating the food and culture but nothing worked for me.My brother and sister used to wonder why am I like this when mom prepares excellent meals every single time. 

     Same sort of interest is what I've shown towards cooking as long as I lived with my parents. One strange thing I used to do is reading magazines and collecting recipes every now and then and every one else will be passing a comment "Why do you spend time on something that you're not going to use later?"
But this doesn't mean that i never cooked or something like that. I learned the basics from my Mom as she was very particular that I learn the basics to survive on my own.

The real gyan of respecting and appreciating the food striked when I moved out after my marriage.Absolutely there was no luxury of home cooked meals right to your hands or someone taking the care and initiative of whether I ate or not.
And that's how everything started up.Every meal gained its place and arreciation once I started to do on my own and slowly started exploring and enjoying the process.

I never believed the famous dialog that my aunts and grannys used to say those days "God always pairs opposite poles" until I met my better half. Yes, he is an adrent foodie.Imagine how my life could have been.
Well,when I had my basics clear, I started experimenting and at one point of time I felt like I'm kind of lost as I never liked to repeat cooking the same dishes, the same way.That's when I started recording the recipes for later use.

    After 6+ years in IT and now being a complete home maker and a busy mom of a lovely son , life has changed a lot.New country , new life and of course new veggies and stuffs trying to scare me though...But one thing that remains with me is my interest to read through recipes from magazines, collecting recipe books and trying new recipes.

    "When you realize life changes faster than you think,you learn to be more adaptive to what surrounds you"

Yes. That's true, every day is new and you get something to learn and I'm loving it.

   This blog is the medium I use to share my recipes with you and my family on the other part of the world. Now my family is happy to see my growth and my brother and sister are eagerly waiting for me to cook some yummy dishes for them soon. The recipes I share here are tried and well tested before it comes to you all and with additional notes you might need.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll have a good time going through my blog.

Happy Cooking !!! 


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  1. I thought u were a slow eater never thought you were picky too


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