Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spirit of Summer and Great Smoky Mountains - Part I

Those who live in North East will be longing for this part of the year, Summer. Over the 8 months of indoor life creates a kind of depression in you which I call 'the Winter Blue'. Summer is the only time we can unleash the best in you.I'm no exception. From my morning walks to evening chit chat time in the near by park , everything gives me the energy that I've been waiting for.

Every year , we plan one such trip where we can be closer to nature.This time we settled on 'The Great Smoky Mountain ' in Tennessee. Hubby was doing his kind of research and pouring in his views which kept on building a kind of hype . Though we do lot such trips and trekking and hiking , we were kind of hooked up for this one.

But when we started our trip one fine afternoon,I started bugging him ' Is it worth such a travel ? Is it worth a week ?'. Poor hubby couldn't give a clear reply. All he said is " Wait and See". After returning from my trip, I'm telling you , "Every single minute and second that I spent there is worth a lifetime".

The misty air and the deep dark woods welcomed us with a bit of drizzle when we entered The Great Smoky Mountains. All my doubts and questions just vanished at the first sight of the smoke covered mountains.

Though we have seen the White Mountains with mist and beautiful colors during Fall, this was quite a new and unique experience. The slight chillness , the peak a boo of Sun , the tiny rays of Sun passing through the dark woods creating a natural highlight , the small streams , the riverbeds which one should I talk about ?

Pure , Pristine and Holy is what I felt when I got to be so close with the nature. The deep dark woods with white waterfalls and riverbeds along with the sound from the waterfalls and endless green mountains as much as your eye can cover and smoke (mist ) from the mountain and the Black bears and animals  ... MY GOD .... my words can't suffice the beauty and the experience that I gained here.

I would try to bring up what I captured and the amazing things that I saw in parts as I have so much to write and share with you all.

And not to mention the unpacking and clearing the backlog , while I do that you can sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty.

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  1. Beautiful post Sujatha. Being one with untouched nature is such an awesome feeling. This must have been such a welcome change from all the bitter cold we experienced this yr.Loving ur snaps also waiting to see the next set.


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