Friday, December 26, 2014

No bake Cherry Cheese cakes

Hope you all are  enjoying a great Holiday time. The best part of the season to me is the family time and the festive mood. The oven worked continuously , had so much fun making and sharing some .
Days are getting completely gloomy and giving  me a hard time to click.

I'm a person who would love to cook and share and that too when friends are here I need to mention? While I enjoyed chatting with my best friends, kids were having a real blast and the house was filled with happiness and joy and of course lots of noise.The time just flies like anything when you get to meet some one after a long time.

Will you make something quick as our snack ... called my kiddo. This is now becoming a repeated mantra for him. Thought of making something colorful and healthy to make the boys happy.

The best part was when the 4 year old innocently asked me "Aunty will you pack me some ?"

This is super easy to make . All you need is a colorful fruit and some cheese and approximately 20 minutes. A dessert can't get easier than this.


Cookies ............................ 5 (oats cookies/ ginger snap cookies / digestive biscuits )
Unsalted Butter....................1 tsp ( room temperature)
Ricotta Cheese ...................3/4 cup
Fresh Sweet  Cherries ........ 3/4 cup
Honey ............................... 1/4 cup ( adjust to taste and  you can substitute with sugar  * see notes)
Agar agar Powder .............. 1 tsp
Vanilla Extract .................... 1 tsp


  • Use a blender and blend cookies and butter to make a coarse flakes and set aside.
  • Wash the cherries and add 1/4 cup water and bring it to a boil.
  • When you see the cherries turn mushy, add agar agar powder and let it  boil for another 2 minutes.
  • Once it thickens turn off the heat and add  half of the honey to it.
  • While this cools down , mix the remaining honey and vanilla extract  to the ricotta cheese and mix well.
  • In a serving bowl , add required amount of crushed cookies mixture and alternately layer the ricotta and cherry mixture in layers.


  • If you are using sugar , add sugar to the cherries along with water and cook until mushy and then add the agar agar powder and cook till it resembles jelly.
  • You can use any soft cheese like cream cheese , ricotta or mascarpone.
  • Make use of any seasonal fruit or fruits to make variations.
  • Make ahead and refrigerate for later use.

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