Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Avacado & Pear Milk Shake

This weekend I bought some Avacados and then I was waiting 3 days for them to ripe. Today one of them was ready.So I thought of making a milkshake with that and some additives.Finally I did it and my son liked it very much.Hey ... once again I got a like from him,which is very very tough to get.

Being a proud mom, I'm sharing the recipe here.


Milk                            1 1/4 cups whole/skim
Avacado                     1/2  of a small one
Pear                            1 /2 to 1 depending on size (chopped)
Figs                             2
Dates                           2
Honey                          to taste


Soak the dry fruits in hot water / milk for 30 minutes.
Clean the fruits. Deseed  and scoop out the avacado.Chop the pear just before you blend. Start blending the dry fruits followed by fruits and milk.Add honey to adjust your taste.With a light breakfast item,enjoy this milkshake to give a kick-start to your day.

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