Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mango-yogurt parfait

Here , the weather is becoming better and beautiful day by day and brighter sun bringing brightness in our lives too as we get to walk around and meet people and get to enjoy nature. Such a nice bloom in the trees too .

After staying indoor for 8 months, I just want to enjoy out going to park with my son during the evenings and relaxedly walk for some time.

So, I'm reducing my time in the kitchen these days by making some simple ,quick, jhat-phat recipes.One such is this parfait.

I try to make things healthier as well as tastier.So this one no exception.I have used home-made hung yogurt, honey and fresh mango. As honey being the power house of potential health benefits, yogurt gives probiotic bacteria  along with calcium and mango for vitamin A , this is a common dessert / snack for us.


Fresh mango ................. 2 ( I used ataulfo mangoes)
Thick Hung curd ............ 1/2 cup ( I set my curd with little bit sugar ) * see notes
Heavy cream ................  1/4 cup (whipped)
Honey ..........................2 tbsp ,optional


  1. Peel and chop the mangoes.
  2. Make pulp out of one and reserve the other chopped.
  3. Mix cream ,yogurt and honey (if using) gently.
  4. Layer mango pulp first and yogurt on top.
  5. Then add chopped mangoes and add little pulp.
  6. Repeat the layers.
Serve chilled.


  • I prefer home made hung curd than store bought greek yogurt, you can use greek yogurt , if you want.
  • Set curd with whole milk and little sugar .
  • Line a cheese cloth over a strainer and leave it in refrigerator to get thick curd for 30 minutes.
  • Since I wanted to avoid refined sugar , I have used heavy cream and honey.You can use coolwhip too.
  • Use the collected water from curd to make lassi( Indian sweet drink) or anything else as the whey has more health benefits.


  1. These ingredients spell "FRESH", I love that especially during the warmer weather. Great presentation, I can almost taste the mango. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, fresh, wholesome. What a perfect treat!

  3. We are seeing lots of manila mangos right now which would be perfect for this dish. Simple and lovely, thank you!


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